10 Disgusting Pus Popping YouTube Videos

May 9, 2013

youtube-listsThis list of 10 Disgusting Pus Popping YouTube Videos features people popping, squeezing and whatever else is takes to extract pus from friends, relatives and even a horse! Don’t watch while eating or, in fact, if you are planning on eating any time in the near future. Normally we would warn about swearing but if you enjoy this sort of thing we doubt you care.

  • John’s Nasty Ear

    At about 44 seconds into this you’ll find yourself trying to move out of the way of the pus shower.

  • Cyst removal

    Have you ever used a self serve ice cream machine? Well, this is sort of like the pus version.

  • Bot Fly

    Think of this as an educational video about how to remove a live insect from your body.

  • Huge Cyst

    There seems to be a lot of interested people talking in the background of this video. It’s a pus party!

  • Pimple Pop

    Skip to about 1:45 for the disgusting part. The reactions from the onlookers are brilliant.

  • Mouth Abscess

    Could you ever kiss your partner again if you saw pus running down their teeth?

  • Horse Abscess

    This probably wouldn’t be the best promotional video for careers in veterinary science.

  • Cyst Explosion

    Robin and his friend kindly film and commentate their pus adventure in Albania.

  • Pus Spray

    This isn’t a massive pimple but being sprayed in the face with pus is definitely disgusting.

  • Pus Exposions Compilation

    Only those of you who have made it to the end of this disgusting list will be able to appreciate this.

  • Image Credits: Thanks BBC for the image of the disgusted face

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This happens, it really feels better after it POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SICK says:


  3. Gerry The Man says:

    Only sickos (like me) enjoy this stuff

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